Our mission is to shift health behavior, empowering everyone everywhere to proactively utilize natural and whole body approaches to achieve better health.

Why the name? We believe that GRIT is key to dealing with chronic conditions, as you must embrace the journey and persevere to find the true and lasting state of living WELL.

Passion, perseverance and resilience
The state of being in good health

Our goal is to make this journey easier, empowering you to feel your best.

Personal to you

Why GritWell

Conventional medicine only reactively treats sickness. We connect you to experts who take a proactive, integrative, whole body approach to improve health.
  • Reduce yearly sickness, doctors appointments and prescription drugs.

  • Discover effective diets, supplements, treatments and lifestyle changes.

  • Identify the underlying imbalance and root cause of your symptoms.

A note from our founder

GritWell was inspired by my own experience struggling with chronic conditions, a journey that led to a fascination with how to effectively manage them, and more importantly prevent. I used to live by the mentality “there is no time to get sick”. However, despite living a healthy life, eating well and working out regularly, this attitude of “sucking it up and pushing for success” started having implications on my health. I would roam the aisles of the local pharmacy or head straight to the doctor, which resulted in over-prescriptions and consequently the development of several chronic conditions.

After years of time wasted with doctors and searching online, I was finally able to find a practitioner that focused on the root cause by utilizing diagnostic testing and treatment through natural supplements, diet and lifestyle change. These practitioners are underutilized and most people struggle to find experts who are certified and trained to effectively address these growing number of chronic conditions.

Thus the inspiration behind GritWell, where everyone everywhere can more easily and effectively find experts that can address chronic conditions, specifically with a more natural, whole body, and lasting approach.

- Chelsea

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Chronic conditions can often be reversed or prevented, yet remain our largest health issue.


By the numbers


1 in 2 people are struggling with at least one chronic condition in the US alone.


85% of chronic disease is caused by factors such as environmental toxins, diet and lifestyle.


67% improvement to quality of life reported by those using diet, nutrition and holistic treatments to manage conditions.

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