Our mission is to shift the focus of healthcare from the symptom to the root cause, empowering patients to understand why they are sick in the first place

Why the name? We believe that GRIT is key to dealing with chronic conditions, as you must embrace the journey and persevere to find the true and lasting state of living WELL.

Passion, perseverance and resilience
The state of being in good health

Our goal is to make this journey easier, empowering you to feel your best.

Personal to you

Why GritWell

Qualified integrative/functional medicine trained experts are hard to find, have long wait times, and aren’t typically covered by insurance. Our seamless and affordable approach makes this care more accessible to:
  • Identify the underlying imbalance and root cause of your symptoms

  • Implement effective diets, supplements, and lifestyle changes

  • Reduce yearly sickness, doctors appointments and prescription drugs

Message From Our Founder

GritWell was inspired by my own struggle to manage chronic symptoms and a determination to prevent this pain for others. After years bouncing between different primary care doctors, searching online, and trial and error, I finally found a practitioner who was able to treat the root cause of my symptoms by utilizing diagnostic tests to personalize supplements, nutrition and lifestyle change.

Unfortunately, primary care only scratches the surface, typically providing a band-aid or quick fix, despite the doctor’s best intentions. When it comes to alternatives, most patients are overwhelmed by the numerous choices in the market, including integrative or functional medicine practitioners (the ones that helped me) who are typically hard to find and unaffordable.

Thus, the inspiration behind GritWell: affordable subscription care to fill the gaps in our current healthcare system, for those struggling with chronic symptoms they can’t place and searching for a long-term solution (not just another medication). Our practitioners conduct an extensive analysis to identify the root cause, personalizing treatment, such as what to eat, diagnostic tests and supplements to take, and toxins to avoid.

Chronic conditions can often be reversed or prevented, yet remain our largest health issue.


By the numbers


1 in 2 people are struggling with at least one chronic condition in the US alone


85% of chronic disease is caused by factors such as environmental toxins, diet and lifestyle


67% improvement to quality of life reported by those using diet, nutrition and holistic treatments to manage conditions

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