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Shanhong Lu

Dr. Shanhong Lu - MD

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About Shanhong Lu

After practicing conventional internal medicine, ICU and nursing home care and integrative medicine for 20 years, Dr. Shanhong Lu MD PhD decided to devote her energy and expertise in helping people to detect and detox the foundational root causes of chronic decline in multiple systems or simply find out the blocks to healing. She does not prescribe diagnose or treat medical illnesses during these consultations. What she offers is a way to find out the blocks to healing and restoring resilience. Due to her extensive network with cutting edge practitioners, she would be also able to make appropriate referrals and find appropriate practitioners to prescribe hormones and other medical teamwork for you.

Areas she can help with

Hormones & Fertility
Brain & Memory
Performance & Energy


certified Certified / Licensed
doctor Diagnose Conditions
prescribe Prescribe Treatment
diagnose Order Diagnostic Testing

Work with me to find your unique health solution


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