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Sarina Elaine

Functional Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

San Francisco $ 125 5

About Sarina Elaine

I’m a Functional Nutritionist and Health Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m dedicated to supporting those with gastrointestinal autoimmune conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, GERD, etc. Living with digestive issues can feel isolating and overwhelming. I know that making the decision to change your food choices can be confusing and frustrating without support and the right knowledge. I take a functional approach to nutrition and use food as an intervention to bring balance back to the body. My goal is to get to know you and work collaboratively to guide you to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. My overall mission is to support individuals with autoimmune conditions, specifically GI conditions, by providing coaching, nutrition consulting, and advocacy throughout your healing journey. My Nutrition program options include: *Initial Consultation: $125 for a 45- to 60-minute consultation. Required initial consult to assess the client’s nutritional needs and create the best course of action. *Ongoing Sessions: $55 for a half-hour session, $100 for a one-hour session. After an initial consultation, clients will have ongoing nutritional sessions to address goals and needs on a visit-by-visit basis. *Personal Grocery Store/Farmer Market tour: $45 within SF city limits, outside SF (travel fee + $50-65). Want to go with a group? Min. 3 persons or more for $25 per person. *UNLOAD 28 Day Detox Program- $199. *Support Package:$325. Designed to help support you while on a protocol, elimination diet, or incorporating my recommendations into your life. *SAD to GLAD: $399. Includes: Designed for those struggling with HOW and WHAT they should eat for their own unique body. From cooking to grocery shopping. If you are constantly confused with the overwhelming information of “trendy diets that work”, then this package is for you! *Thriving with Autoimmunity: $499. $499-Designed for those with diagnosed autoimmune or chronic conditions. Let’s work together so that you are able to thrive! We will work together to navigate your autoimmune journey and give you relief and rest! My Wellness Coaching program options include: *A 15 minute free consultations to discuss goals and right fit. *Option 1: $330. New to coaching! Includes: Discovery Session (45 min), 3 (30 min) Coaching Sessions & accountability email check-ins bi-weekly. Typically for 2-3 months *Option 2: $600. 3-month wellness package primarily focused on nutrition, wellness, and self-care planning, which includes in-person and/or via video/phone calls: (Discovery Session, 30min/twice a month, weekly email check-ins) *Option 3: $100. One-on-One private coaching as needed: 45-60 minute sessions (only available for follow-up/established clients within a six month period)

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