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Jillian Shannon

Associate Naturopathic Doctor

San Francisco $ 0 5

About Jillian Shannon

Dr. Jillian has a passion to see her patients thrive and not get caught up in life’s routine and monotony—merely getting by. It becomes easy to accept brain fog, low energy, joint paint, a sluggish metabolism, and waking up not feeling refreshed as normal. She believes that everything, from adrenal health to micronutrient health, plays an intricate part in hormone production, joint health, energy, mood and the body’s ability to communicate effectively for optimal organ/joint function. Dr. Jillian knows what it’s like to feel tired and wired, burning the candle at both ends. She has a passion to guide you out of chronic exhaustion into feeling energetic, pain-free, vibrant and focused. She will work with you testing hormones, food allergies, heavy metals, genetics, along with other pertinent testing to further investigate specifically what you are going through.

Areas she can help with

Performance & Energy
Bone & Muscle
Hormones & Fertility


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