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What do I get with my subscription?
Virtual appointments with a functional medicine trained health coach
Personalized four part health plan: nutrition, diagnostic testing, supplements and emotional health
Access to our community, educational resources, and events
Unlimited support from GritWell care team
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Our most popular plan for those looking to address a set of symptoms with a functional medicine & nutrition trained health coach.
Our plan for those with more severe or rare conditions, working with an advanced functional medicine health coach and increased MD oversight.
Our most popular plan for those looking to address a set of symptoms with a functional medicine & nutrition trained health coach.
Our plan for those with more severe or rare conditions, working with an advanced functional medicine health coach and increased MD oversight.
What would 6 months look like?
Example below, monthly outlook varies depending on your unique symptoms.
Month 1
Foundational Essentials & Advanced Testing
  • Order testing (hormones, gut, food sensitivity, toxins etc.)
  • Unique baseline supplement protocol implementation
  • Sleep hygiene/support
  • Emotional health
Month 2
Gut and Immune Support
  • Identify & remove inflammatory foods
  • Order testing (hormones, gut, food sensitivity, toxins etc.)
  • Identify & remove other triggers
  • Eating hygiene
  • Enhance supplementation
Month 3
Energy and Drainage
  • Deliver essential minerals
  • Opening up drainage pathways
  • Order testing (hormones, gut, food sensitivity, toxins etc.)
  • Reduce toxic burden
  • Cellular energy production
Month 4
Whole Body Optimization
  • Specific GI program
  • Hormone balance protocol
  • Continue emotional health/support
  • Reintroduce foods/expand diet
Month 5
Light Detox
  • Detox phase (i.e., mold treatment, parasite etc.)
  • Focus beyond the gut
  • Gut microbiome health
  • Potential updated/additional testing
Month 6
Systemic Detox
  • Deeper detox
  • Mitochondrial and energy support
  • Evaluate where additional support is needed
  • Health goals evaluation and analysis
Why is GritWell different from everything else you’ve tried?
What we do
Personalized plans

Matched with a health coach who specializes in your unique symptoms. Our health coach work closely with you to adjust your plan throughout your care.

Quality care

Top, vetted coaches who receive ongoing training and collaborate with expert MDs in the field.

Provide affordable options

If you compare our cost to other functional, naturopathic or nutritionists in the field, we are much more affordable.


Your health didn’t get this way overnight, so getting better overnight isn’t realistic. We are patient with your body and methodical with our choices as we provide you with the tools needed to get lasting results.

What we don’t do
Blanket protocol

Many companies have either a food sensitivity test or a gut health test and that’s it. But what if that isn’t your issue, or isn’t enough to fully reverse your symptoms?

Band aid approach

A conventional protocol would prescribe a pill or maybe a supplement to solve for your insomnia (for example), but that doesn’t target the “root” of the issue. GritWell doesn’t mask your symptoms -  we help you figure out exactly what is driving them and find relief.

Solely focus on nutrition

Food can help get you roughly 30% of the way, but what about the rest? Unfortunately it's often more complicated than just altering your diet or losing weight.

Quick fixes

Our approach takes effort, time and willingness to change. If you are not ready to put in the time and effort to get lasting results, then we are likely not a fit.

See what others have to say
“GritWell really is an investment in your health and there's no price to having your health back and feeling like yourself again.”
Age 27

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the membership?

1) Two appointments per month with your health coach 2) Unlimited email, video call, and text support with your care manager 3) A detailed GritWell health plan with clears steps and objectives created specifically for you by your health coach and our MD’s 4) Follow-up notes after each appointment with new actionable items 5) Recommendations on testing, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements 6) Discounts on supplements.

Are supplements and testing included in my membership? 

Supplements and testing are not included in the membership. Your health coach will work within your budget and select testing that is going to be most informative for you, and supplements that will yield the best results for your specific case. Certain supplements and testing can be offered to GritWell clients at a discounted rate.

Does insurance cover my membership? Can I use HSA/FSA?

We do not take insurance or HSA/FSA at this time. Conventional medicine that accepts insurance is based around the principle that a patient can be labeled with a reimbursable diagnostic code (diagnosis) that allows the provider to find medications or a procedure to match that code. The functional medicine model does not fit within that model as it is not centered on finding a diagnosis and offering a quick fix, but rather taking the time to determine what is driving the symptoms and addressing the root issue, while realizing that all our systems are interconnected.

Can I cancel mid-membership?

No, canceling mid-membership is not something we can support. You are required to complete your 4 or 6 month program. It is important to go through each phase of the plan created by your care team, as they all work in conjunction to best serve you and address your symptoms. If you must cancel, there will be a cancellation fee of $250-$350. (Fee varies based on your subscribed plan)

What’s the difference between the advanced and comprehensive plan?

You are matched to a plan based on the severity of your symptoms. If you are assigned to the advanced plan, we have assigned you to one of our advanced health coach's that has more experience dealing with similar cases and yielding successful results. We take the time to match you with the health coach best suited for your specific set of symptoms so you can make the most of your time with us and see the best results.

What is the cancellation/refund and reschedule policy?

If you miss your appointment, or cancel within 48 hours of the appointment time, you will be charged a $45 fee for 30-min appointments (follow-ups) or $85 for 60-min appointments (initial appointment). Our health coach's time is so precious, so please be mindful when scheduling. If you need to cancel please reach out to your care manager before that 48 hour window and they will assist with rescheduling - any appointments reshcheduled must be within 7 days of their original booking.

Are children able to join GritWell? 

Yes, we do offer GritWell for children, though for children under 18 we require parental oversight and a parent must be present during the appointment with your health coach. Children can benefit from GritWell just as much as adults - in fact we find it beneficial to start at an earlier age to ensure symptoms do not progress.

I have already seen a functional, naturopathic doc or nutritionist - how is this different?

GritWell works with many qualified health coach's, each with their own style of care. If you find that the functional MD you are currently seeing doesn’t work for you, GritWell takes more of your personal preferences into account when matching you with a health coach. For example, if you prefer a health coach that moves slower and doesn’t recommend many diet changes, we will keep that in mind. GritWell includes more than just nutrition changes, as diet is only one aspect of the healing process. 

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You’ll be matched with a team of three - a health coach with specialized training in functional medicine and integrative nutrition, paired with an MD and care manager, working together to help you heal.
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