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All my tests came back normal but I still feel awful
I was told my symptoms are in my head
I was told anxiety and insomnia are just a result of stress
Supplements, at home tests and diets are not working
Antidepressants / medications no longer have an impact
My health was never the same after childbirth
It all started after a few rounds of antibiotics and birth control
My diet at this point is so limited, I can only tolerate a few foods
Does any of this sound familiar?
We hear you.
Your symptoms are real, and we help you investigate the root cause.
Katie K, 32
While conventional medicine failed to improve my symptoms (including recurring yeast infections, GI issues, headaches, brain fog, severe mood swings, anxiety, fatigue), my GritWell Health Coach, Meg, helped me solve these symptoms within just three months through lifestyle changes, diagnostic lab testing, supplementation and nutrition.
Rose S, 74
After 8 years of major 24 hour heavy mucus in my mouth, which doctors. in the UK and USA both called acid reflux, for which their recommended pills did nothing. With the help of telemedicine and specifically GritWell, who after consulting, monitoring my diet, and heading me towards a gluten-free diet, my mucus practically disappeared in 4 days. And with further fine tuning diet and biweekly Zoom calls it has totally disappeared and I have a new life and can taste food.
Carly K, 62
I have never, ever been so thoroughly listened to by anyone before. They treat you like a very best friend, but with medical experience. They lay out an extremely personalized step by step plan for how they plan on working with you to get you answers.
Alice S, 35
FINALLY, I’m getting answers to my health problems that I never was able to figure out before, even after seeing my general practitioner and several specialists. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to actually feel heard instead of just being dismissed by another doctor who says it must be all in my head. I feel like I’m finally taking control of my health and I’ve never felt better!
Leah K, 42
My constipation has mostly gone away and my bowel movements are regular now. I’m now sleeping through the night and getting to bed earlier, and getting a full night’s rest. Headaches hardly ever come anymore.
Ryanne L, 55
Working with Meg, she was able to sort through my symptoms and help get the appropriate testing. Turns out the root cause of all of my symptoms was mold illness from living in a moldy home years ago. Meg and the Gritwell team helped order the right supplements and give me guidance on the best treatment modalities to detox the mold from my system. Within a few short months, with proper diet, targeted supplements and IR Sauna, my digestive symptoms have improved significantly.
Alex N, 29
I’m a completely different person to when I first started this program, sleeping almost 8 hours a night, my digestion has improved, I have way more energy, and I’ve lost 12lbs!!!!!! My digestive issues have improved tremendously and I have a daily bowel movement, less acid reflux and less bloated. By follow-up # 1, my clothes were fitting a little looser. By follow-up # 2, I’d lost 5 lbs. By follow-up # 3, I lost 12 lbs, 3” off my waist and 5 ½” off my hips. Tension headaches have improved. I no longer experience muscle twitches.
Annie B, 27
My GI symptoms and sleep quality have improved and I’m a lot more mindful and aware than I was before. I really love the health coach I’m working with, today’s session was more like a therapy session than a food session. Wellness is like 80% mental well-being.
“I had been pleading with my primary care for years”
Emma, 29
“I had been in and out of doctors offices”
Maddie, 28
“You don't realize how amazing you can feel"
Katie, 35
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