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Are Stress and Trauma the Root Cause of My Illness?
Although stress and trauma are typically viewed as phenomena that are purely psychological, the mind-body connection is much stronger than you think. Maybe you’ve experienced this acutely, in a high-stress situation when you noticed your heart was racing, your stomach was upset, or you had a splitting headache, for example. Sure, stress can cause immediate acute effects like this, but if your stress is chronic or if you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the physical effects can last far longer.
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Looking at the Long Term Impacts of Infections
We usually think of illnesses and infections as short-lived. Yes, it feels icky and uncomfortable when you are sick, but in a week or two you recover and go back to normal. While this is the trajectory many common illnesses take, it’s also true that some infections have long-term effects on our health and can impact our ability to feel well and thrive.
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Is Antibiotic Overuse the Root Cause of My Illness?
Antibiotics are crucial for both individual and public health. They help us get better when we have an infection, they prevent us from infecting others by decreasing our infection time, and ultimately, they save lives. However, as the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad, and this principle also applies to antibiotics. Enter: antibiotic overuse.
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What Are the Health Impacts of Exposure to Toxins?
We are exposed to all sorts of elements throughout our lives as we navigate our environment. Some of these materials are good for our health, others neutral, and still others can be harmful. And varying degrees of exposure can also determine whether such materials cause us harm. Many substances are beneficial in moderation, but turn toxic with higher exposure — the dose makes the poison, as the old saying goes.
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Are Inflammatory Foods the Root Causes of My Illness?
Our advanced testing protocols include GI testing, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing, organic acid testing, and mycotoxin testing. Our testing is thorough, and involves diagnostics most conventional practitioners don’t explore.
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