Take control of your hormone health

Living with symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, weight fluctuation, and period pain shouldn’t be the norm - start understanding the underlying causes.
Hormone Health
80% of women suffer from
Gritwell develops a plan to restore your hormone balance and eliminate symptoms for good.
Some of the hormonal symptoms and conditions we can help with:
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Low libido
Hair loss
Weight gain
Weight loss
Maternal health
Adrenal dysfunction

Common symptoms we help reduce

We’ve seen numerous clients reduce or eliminate their symptoms by balancing their hormones.
Weight gain or loss
Weight gain or loss
Digestive Issues
Digestive issues
Headaches or Migraines
Headaches or migraines
Skin Issues
Skin issues

We address Hormone Health differently.

Traditional providers
Prescribe birth control pills or hormone therapy to suppress symptoms, often leading to side effects or more symptoms, without truly addressing the factors that may have caused your hormones to go out of balance.
Gritwell providers
Investigate everything affecting your hormones - cortisol levels, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, and inflammation - and create a game plan that targets these through stress management, sleep, nutrition, supplements, and detox.

How Gritwell Works

We address your hormone imblance at the source


With advanced testing and data analysis we identify and address the root causes and imbalances at play


We match you with a functional medicine care team to dive into your symptoms and create an action plan.


Receive personalized recommendations for supplements, nutrition & lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

“In balancing my hormones, I’m a completely different person than when I first started this program. Sleeping 8 hours a night, better digestion, more energy, and I’ve lost 12lbs!”

Between [my care manager] and my coach this has so far been an incredible experience... I am experiencing more energy, weight loss and better moods. My digestive issues have improved tremendously and I have a daily bowel movement, less acid reflux and less bloating. By follow-up # 1, my clothes were fitting a little looser. Tension headaches have improved. I no longer experience muscle twitches.
improvement in digestive issues
improvement in energy
28 yrs old
Hormonal imbalances
Thyroid imbalances
Weight gain

Together, let’s rewrite your hormonal journey.

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