Take control of your brain health

It’s not all in your head. We look into the physical factors behind symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, and depression, so you can address your brain health at its roots.
Mental & Brain Health
20% of Americans struggle with
Gritwell addresses the underlying triggers of mood disorders for sustained results, without the negative side effects.
Some of mental & brain health concerns we can help with:
Brain Fog
Panic attacks
Eating Disorders
Cognitive decline
Memory loss
Mood swings

We address brain health differently by investigating what’s at the root of your neurological symptoms

Conventional Medicine

  • 15 minute appointment
  • Standard blood work + referred elsewhere
  • Diagnosis or nothing
  • Medication
  • No ongoing support
  • Temporary relief with other symptoms emerge

Gritwell's Root Cause

  • 1 hr appointment + analyzed hundreds of data points
  • Comprehensive blood work + advanced testing
  • Root cause identified, regardless of diagnosis
  • Functional protocols, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle.
  • Regular health coach check-ins
  • 70% reduction in symptoms across the board

How Gritwell works


Take Assessment

We’ll collect an in-depth overview of your history - crucial questions you don’t typically get asked by traditional doctors.


Enter Care Program

We match you with a functional medicine doctor & health coach to dive into your symptoms and create an action plan.


See 70% improvement

Receive personalized recommendations for supplements, nutrition, & lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

“My anxiety got worse, and the depression was really starting to come along with that. After Gritwell, the changes were unbelievable. I'm not on that medication that I was on for 20 years. I don't need it. I don't have constant heartburn anymore. My top issues are gone.”

Cathleen M

How Gritwell Works

We address your brain health symptoms at the source


With advanced testing and data analysis we identify and address the root causes and imbalances at play


We match you with a functional medicine care team to dive into your symptoms and create an action plan.


Receive personalized recommendations for supplements, nutrition & lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

“My migraines have gotten better, my energy levels have improved, and my anxiety has gone down. Overall, I just feel way better than I did before I started Gritwell.”

I get minimal headaches, and if I do get one, I’m not afraid it will be debilitating like they used to be.
reduction in overall symptoms
51 yrs old
Digestive Issues

“Gritwell’s recommendations made a world of difference. It used to be a drag to do anything, but now I can think clearly, have my energy back, and can tackle everything. ”

Sarah L

Together, let’s rewrite your mental and brain health journey.

Rot Cause Assessment
one time purchase

Root Cause Analysis

Uncover potential root causes of your symptoms with an in-depth data analysis, at-home inflammation blood testing and a 1:1 functional health coach appointment.
Jumpstart Program
6 months

The Care Program

2x Month 1:1’s with your functional medicine health coach to receive personalized guidance on testing, medical grade supplements, nutrition and more.

Schedule your free consult with a Care Advisor

Schedule a call with a root cause Care Advisor to talk in depth about your health - what may be driving symptoms, where do you want to be in 3-6 months, what have you tried? We’ll help determine the right plan and best next steps for your unique situation.

Struggling to find the right care?

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