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Our online community is a dedicated space for people looking to get to the root of their symptoms.
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Tired of feeling alone on your search to find answers? You're in the right place.

We talked to thousands suffering from a wide range of symptoms who all had one thing in common - they struggled to find answers in the healthcare system.

That's why we created a space to connect, share and learn, together. We are excited to share what works - all the ins & outs of a root cause, holistic approach.

What’s included in the community

Genuine Connections
An online space to connect with others who are looking to get answers too.
Expert Resources
Access to educational resources created by our functional medicine trained, root cause care team.
Real-time Support
Real-time discussions on hormone, digestive, adrenal, and immune health - just to name a few.
Free Events
Your questions, answered. Get the information you need straight from our team of root cause experts.

Find events within a circle best fit for you

Our circles are designed for you to find and connect with people experiencing the same symptoms. From autoimmune to mental health, choose the circle that's the best fit for you (& tune in to free events happening in each circle).
Metabolism & Heart Health
Connect with others struggling to manage their autoimmune condition
See more details
Hormone health
Get on the path to restoring hormone balance and eliminating symptoms
See more details
Digestive health
Learn how your digestive health is a gateway to whole body health
See more details
Mental & Brain Health
Mental health
It’s not all in your head. Understand your brain health at its roots
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Facilitation by functional medicine health coaches

Gritwell coaches bring expert-level, life-changing knowledge to the community. They’re empathetic and determined to help you learn the most effective holistic, root cause approach.

You are not the only one. Start feeling your best, together.


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