Take control of your metabolism & heart health

Weight fluctuations are often more complicated than diet -  we investigate the underlying drivers of weight gain, high cholesterol, blood sugar imbalances, and metabolic disorders and more.
Metabolism & Heart Health
2 in 5 American adults have
Gritwell addresses your metabolic conditions at the root to reduce or eliminate symptoms for good.
Some of the metabolic & heart health concerns we can help with:
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Type 2 Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome
Heart palpitations
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Weight gain
Weight loss
Cortisol imbalance
Adrenal dysfunction
Blood sugar imbalances
Heart disease

Common symptoms we help reduce

We’ve seen clients reduce or eliminate the following symptoms by addressing the root cause.
Heart Palpitations
Heart palpitations
Weight gain or loss
Weight gain or loss

We address Metabolism & Heart Health differently.

Traditional providers
Prescribe medications and recommend cutting out sugar and processed foods, often without truly investigating what underlying factors could be affecting your metabolism and heart health.
Gritwell providers
Work with you on nutrition in a holistic, supportive way combined with supplements to help stabilize cravings and facilitate balance in your body.

How Gritwell Works

We address your metabolism & heart health symptoms at the source


With advanced testing and data analysis we identify and address the root causes and imbalances at play


We match you with a functional medicine care team to dive into your symptoms and create an action plan.


Receive personalized recommendations for supplements, nutrition & lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

“So many wins! My glucose has been consistently dropping from 200, to 170”

Even hitting 116 or 100 many times. Thanks so much, Gritwell. I really didnʼt think I'd get to this point!
reduction in symptoms
61 yrs old
Acid reflux
Trouble sleeping
Low energy
Weight gain/trouble losing weight

Together, let’s rewrite your metabolism & heart health journey.

Schedule your free consult with a Care Advisor

Schedule a call with a root cause Care Advisor to talk in depth about your health - what may be driving symptoms, where do you want to be in 3-6 months, what have you tried? We’ll help determine the right plan and best next steps for your unique situation.

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