The Root Cause Assessment


Uncover the root causes of your symptoms with an in-depth analysis, at-home inflammation testing and a 1:1 appointment with a functional medicine health coach.

Test Tube
8 key inflammation biomarkers regularly not screened for by doctors
Secure & validated,  HIPAA compliant & CLIA-certified
Expert reviewed with a functional medicine trained health coach in a  1:1 appt.

Three simple steps


Complete the Root Cause Analysis

Our Root Cause Analysis intake form will identify the potential root causes driving symptoms by collecting an in-depth overview of your history, lifestyle, environment, and other triggers, questions you don’t typically get asked at the doctor’s office.

Root Cause Analysis
Blood Test

Take our blood test, at-home

Receive an at-home blood test to measure 8 critical inflammation biomarkers: Glucose, Insulin, Cholesterol, ALT/AST, Ferritin, HS-CRP, Homocysteine (check out our FAQs for more info on these biomarkers). Inflammation can throw our bodies out of balance and trigger a multitude of symptoms.


Meet 1:1 with your Functional Medicine Coach

Get paired with a Functional Medicine Health Coach for a 1:1 appointment, where you’ll discuss your goals, receive a personalized review of your analysis, inflammation test results, and get a preview of what a Gritwell care plan could look like for you.

1:1 Functional Medicine Coach

How’s this different from other testing I’ve tried?


We start with understanding *you*

We take the time to learn about your health journey from start to finish so we can understand your body, goals and history to tailor your experience to your needs.


We screen for inflammation

Inflammation might be an underlying root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. After you send back your test, you’ll understand how inflammation is affecting your body in just 7 days.


We don’t leave you hanging

You’ll get 1:1 time with your Functional Medicine Health Coach to go over the results from your analysis and at-home inflammation test. Your questions, answered by an expert.

What we measure in our inflammation test (and why it matters)
Aka the #1 inflammation biomarker. C-reactive protein (CRP) is produced by your liver in response to inflammation. High hs-CRP results suggest that your body is acting as though it’s fighting off an infection… even if it seems like there is no infection present.
This biomarker tells us if you have a vitamin deficiency. Homocysteine is connected to critical vitamins like B12, B6 and folate. High levels of this biomarker indicate inflammation is at play in your body.
A protein in your blood that contains iron. We test your Ferritin to understand if you have low levels, a common sign of iron deficiency, which can be due to malabsorption in your gut.
This is one piece of the AST/ALT ratio that helps us monitor liver function.  ALT is an enzyme found primarily in the liver, so a high amount of it outside in the bloodstream indicates cell damage -- which can often occur as a result of inflammation.
This is one piece of the AST/ALT ratio that helps us monitor liver function. AST is found in many places, like the liver, brain, pancreas, heart, kidneys, lungs, and skeletal muscles. A high AST indicates cell damage in any of these tissues, which suggests inflammation is at play.
The thing that helps your body make cell membranes, hormones, and vitamin D. Inflammation can impact how your body processes fats, slowing down metabolism, causing excess fat storage, and increasing cholesterol levels.
Glucose or sugar is your main source of energy, playing a part in your metabolism and digestion. Inflammation plays a vital role in regulating blood glucose levels - if these levels are off, it indicates your body is trending towards inflammation.
This marker plays a role in regulating glucose, and informing metabolism, digestion and energy. If inflammation is too high, your body may not be able to keep glucose at the right level.
Vitamin D
Despite being one of the most common deficiencies in the world today, Vitamin D plays an important role in reducing inflammation, influencing mood, easing muscle and joint pain, and bone strength.

Our  Root Cause Assessment helps you gather insight on the potential causes behind your symptoms


Complete the Root Cause Analysis


Our analysis will identify the potential root causes and imbalances driving your symptoms. We’ll collect an in-depth overview of your history, lifestyle, environment, and other potential triggers. We’ll ask questions you don’t typically get asked.


Get Inflammation Testing


Inflammation can be linked to many diseases, infections, and autoimmune conditions, so it’s important to assess. You’ll receive an at-home blood test kit to measure key inflammation biomarkers like CRP and Homocysteine. You’ll then get a report of your analysis and inflammation test results, with a focus on the systems in your body that need attention.


Meet Your Functional Medicine Health Coach


Get matched to a Functional Medicine Health Coach and book your 1:1 appointment.


Review Results in 1:1 Functional Medicine Appointment


Discuss your concerns and goals, and get a personalized review and explanation of your root cause analysis, test results, and symptoms.


Learn More with Root Cause 101 Courses


Get three courses on root cause medicine fundamentals that equip you with expert knowledge to drive change in your health.

Tired of the constant search for answers?We’ve been there.

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A more affordable way to get to the root

Between being referred to specialists, meeting with doctors and getting blood tests ordered it
can cost up to $1,000 to find answers in the traditional healthcare system.
Local clinic

$1,000  per month


$249  one time cost


With our Root Cause Assessment you’ll get

  • Insights from our analysis in just 30 minutes
  • Answers in just 7 days from our at-home inflammation blood test 
  • Real-time support, guidance and an action plan from your Functional Medicine Coach
All for just $249.

Identifying symptom triggers is the first step

90% of our clients have uncovered the root causes triggering their symptoms. It’s your turn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 8 biomarkers you measure in the inflammation blood test?

Just one finger prick of blood can uncover some real answers.

As a part of our Root Cause Assessment, our at-home blood test measures 8 key inflammation biomarkers that get you real answers on what’s happening in your body.

Here’s a breakdown of what we measure and why it’s important

  • Glucose & Insulin - Your body’s ability to regulate sugar informs metabolism, digestion and energy. If either of these are too high or too low, you might be experiencing excessive hunger, thirst, vision problems, tiredness and a multitude of other symptoms.
  • Cholesterol - Cholesterol is vital for your day-to-day body functions. It helps you to digest fatty foods, regulate hormone production, strengthen the immune system and build cells. We measure your body’s level of good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • ALT/AST - Also known as De Ritis ration, ALT/AST is a common biomarker that measures liver function. Your liver is in charge of detoxing your body and is a critical line of defense for fighting inflammation
  • Ferritin - AKA iron. Iron deficiencies are more common than you might think and can lead to a multitude of symptoms. Without enough iron, your body can’t produce enough of a substance in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen, hemoglobin
  • HS-CRP - THE inflammation biomarker, High sensitivity C-reactive protein can tell us a lot about the function of your most important organ, your heart. This biomarker can indicate if you are trending towards an inflammatory disease

Homocysteine - a marker that indicates risk of heart related disease and helps to understand if you’re deficient in B6, B9 or B12

What does this assessment show me?

Your Root Cause Assessment Report will show:

  • Results for each inflammation marker
  • An estimated level of inflammation in your body based on these markers as a whole
  • Potential root causes that may have triggered your symptoms
  • Potential imbalances present in the systems of your body

How is this different than other at-home testing on the market?

Other at-home testing options send you the test kit and results, but don't help you understand them. With Gritwell’s Root Cause Assessment, you get more than just a test. We dive deep into all the factors affecting your health - inflammation testing, a detailed analysis, and an appointment with a functional medicine health coach all in one.

What if I have already seen a naturopath, nutritionist or even a FM  provider?

At Gritwell, we curate a large network of root-cause providers so you can benefit from more knowledge and experience than your local naturopath or health coach. And with the Root Cause Assessment, you get to sample and benefit from functional medicine without the pressure of committing long-term.

What’s the difference between the Root Cause Assessment and our two programs?


Our Root Cause Assessment gives you a map of potential imbalances currently present in your body.  

Unlike our programs, the Assessment isn’t long-term, and doesn't require a monthly subscription payment. This one time payment gets you  1) Inflammation Testing  2) Root Cause Analysis  3) One initial appointment with a Gritwell health coach so you can get starting guidance on your health.

On the other hand, our Jumpstart and Comprehensive programs offer longer-term care where you’ll regularly attend follow up appointments with your health coach and continuously update your health plan.

How do I meet with my health coach?


Once you’ve been matched to a personal health coach, you’ll be sent a link to book your appointment. The appointment is virtual and takes place over Zoom.

How do I complete the Inflammation test?


After signing up, the Gritwell Inflammation Test Kit will be shipped to your doorstep within a week. This is a finger prick test that should take you only a few minutes to complete. All supplies and step-by-step instructions will be included in the kit.

If you have trouble collecting enough blood using the kit, please email us at [email protected] - a traditional blood draw can be arranged.

How do I submit the Inflammation Test?

The inflammation blood test comes with prepaid shipping - drop off your completed home test at the nearest USPS mailbox to be shipped on the same day you take your test.

Does insurance cover this test?

We do not take insurance or HSA/FSA at this time for any of our plans.

What if I’ve already had some of these markers done?

No worries - getting them done again with Gritwell will provide you with additional value. 

In conventional medicine, your blood work might be out of optimal range, but still come back “normal,” and you still feel unwell. That’s why Gritwell uses a different scale of what is “normal” - in addition to looking at all your results as a whole.

Instead of checking to see whether one marker is within range, we take all markers into account when figuring out your body’s inflammation level.

How will I understand/read the results?

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of what each marker says about your body. You’ll also get to follow up with a functional medicine health coach and ask them further questions, face-to-face.

What if the results come back normal?

Inflammation testing is only one piece of the big picture. Our Root Cause Analysis - a series of deep dive questions on your symptoms - helps pinpoint many potential imbalances in your body. Just because your test results come back “normal,” doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong, and that you should continue dealing with your symptoms without answers. 

We look at all your symptoms and trust you when you say you don’t feel “normal.” We see patients as individuals and not as averages. We understand that you know your body best.

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