As a doctor, Dr. Kubesh knew there had to be a better way.

She didn’t have the time or tools to truly get patients healthy. She knew something needed to change.

Dr. Kubesh’s inspiration for root cause care - 1 min
CMO Story

1 | symptom onset

Her own symptoms started in medical school

During med school, Dr. Kubesh battled her own health issues: severe fatigue and brain fog. When her worries were dismissed and she was told to push through, she began to see the cracks in the system.

CMO Story

2 | the search for answers

She didn’t want to be just another doctor who sent patients away with a handful of pills

Dr. Kubesh began working in the ER to save lives, but only being able to help at the last moment, or with disease management, frustrated her. 

CMO Story

3 | tipping point

Then she lost a patient to preventable causes

When a patient passed away after taking his own life due to painful symptoms that could’ve been addressed earlier on through Root Cause Medicine, she decided enough was enough and left the healthcare system.

CMO Story

4 | finally found answers

She founded a clinic, helping thousands regain health

Dr. Kubesh opened her own Root Cause Medicine clinic in Washington where over 7 years, she helped thousands address the root causes of their symptoms--instead of just masking them with medication. She witnessed the body’s incredible capacity for healing. She wanted to bring this care to everyone who needs it


Dr. Kubesh teamed up with our founder Chelsea, to bring their shared experience and vision for better care to all.

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