Dr. Jamie Guyden, MD

Reversing Autoimmune Conditions: Dr. Jamie Guyden's Personal Mission

Hear from people who found answers (5 mins)

Dr. Jamie Guyden was inspired to practice Root Cause Medicine after experiencing its effectiveness first-hand 

I experienced immense pain, so sick & frustrated with the system
“I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus at 16 years old, and I lived like that for 15 years, struggling with symptoms and on 14 different medications.”
When I discovered Root Cause Medicine, I was able to finally heal
“Because of Root Cause Medicine, I’m off all my medications and pain-free. My mental and emotional health is at an all time high. I finally have my life back.”
I’ve adopted this approach & seen hundreds of life-changing outcomes
“My patients see improvement in everything from skin issues to autoimmune conditions. All of this is simple to reverse, and our goal is to get you to a space of permanent and complete healing.”

My patient Sarah completely reversed her symptoms.

“It's 50 degrees outside, and I'm wearing shorts because I'm so proud of my legs right now, and I'm so proud of my arms right now! My rash just completely went away!”

Pronounced rash all over her entire body. She couldn’t:
  • Sleep at night due to pain
  • Hold her kids
  • Wear most clothing
Discovered that at the root of this was toxicity:
  • Mold
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Helped her improve her body's ability to heal and detox
  • Personalized supplements & lifestyle modifications

The mindset I believe is crucial to see symptom improvement

“You have to be willing to give your body the time and the space to heal. The patients who succeed most in my program adopt an empowered mindset that they can undo their disease, rather than a fear-based mindset assuming they'll always struggle.”

Dr. Jamie Guyden, MD
Experience & Credentials
Rutgers Medical School
Baylor College of Medicine Residency
Board Certified Health Practioner
The Institue of Functional Medicine

Here’s what you can expect from our sessions.

I'll do a deep dive into your symptoms, history, previous exposures, triggers and determine what is the root cause and how to get relief. We’ll work through personalized treatment centered around root cause resolution vs. symptom masking to ensure you see progress and lasting results.

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