Dr. Marina Rasnow-Hill, MD

Identifying & Addressing the Root Cause: Dr. Rasnow-Hill’s Personal Mission

Hear from people who found answers (5 mins)

Dr. Marina Rasnow-Hill was inspired to practice Root Cause Medicine after experiencing its effectiveness first-hand

I experienced mysterious symptoms while working 80-100 hours a week
“First I got dizzy. So I was treated for vertigo, then migraines. The symptoms just kept coming, and medication weren’t effective. I couldn’t work anymore.”
With Root Cause Medicine, I discovered I had Lyme
“A Root Cause Medicine provider was the first to really investigate and put the pieces together: I had been sick since I went hiking in the Sierras.”
I’ve adopted this approach & seen hundreds of life-changing outcomes
“My goal is to put the puzzle pieces together. By taking a step back and investigating carefully, we’re able to address the root rather than just treating the symptoms in front of us.”

My patient Nora completely reversed her symptoms.

“Until working with Dr. Rasnow-Hill, doctors kept throwing IBS meds at me.”

Severe digestive issues with alternating constipation and diarrhea. No medications were making a difference.
Discovered that she’d had traveler’s diarrhea, which had thrown off her gut microbiome for years.
  • Helped her rebalance her gut
  • Personalized supplements & lifestyle modifications

The mindset I believe is crucial to see symptom improvement

"I feel like we have this sense of wanting that quick fix, wanting to be able to go from being on the ground to standing to running immediately. And our body may not be ready for that. We need to take it slowly."

Dr. Marina Rasnow-Hill, MD
Experience & Credentials
UC Davis School of Medicine
Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
Board Certified Health Practioner
The Institue of Functional Medicine

Here’s what you can expect from our sessions.

I'll do a deep dive into your symptoms, history, previous exposures, triggers and determine what is the root cause and how to get relief. We’ll work through personalized treatment centered around root cause resolution vs. symptom masking to ensure you see progress and lasting results.

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