What will you receive from this free call?

We’ll explore what care would be best for you. I'll provide honest, personal answers to all your questions, drawing from the hundreds we’ve worked with who’ve found relief. Schedule a call and let's get you on the path to uncovering your root causes and feeling your best again!


A comprehensive review of your symptoms, history, triggers, lifestyle & more.


Validation & insights into what may be driving your chronic symptoms.


A tentative plan for next steps, i.e. further testing, comprehensive care etc.

Why will this call be different from any appointment you’ve experienced to date? 


We take all your symptoms seriously & never dismiss them.


We’ll dig deep to piece together what your body is signaling.


We're driven to discover the root issues, not mask symptoms.


We’ll determine best next steps to reclaim your health.

You’re in the right place

Hundreds of Gritwell patients suffered far too long before discovering our Root Cause Approach to chronic symptoms. Read their stories of life after Gritwell care—it is your turn.

“I’ve seen ten gastro docs… they couldn’t figure it out. One even said, “It’s in your head.” I was on seven meds. Within a month and a half of Gritwell, I’ve seen changes. I haven’t had any spasms or pain, and my migraines are gone…”

Diane A

“Gritwell’s recommendations made a world of difference. It used to be a drag to do anything, but now I can think clearly, have my energy back, and can tackle everything. ”

Sarah L

“I used to leave doctors’ offices frustrated and in tears. But with my Gritwell provider I felt heard and am now 100% better. I lost 25 pounds and have my life back. Thank you so much for making this care affordable, it’s worth every penny. ”

Danielle A

“I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's, and I suffer from migraines. Gritwell, out of everything that I've tried, has been the best at meeting me where I'm at, really digging into me as a person, and making an individual plan to get results.”

Jenny D

“I had eczema for five years. It was so bad that it would crack and bleed randomly throughout the year. And then it would feel arthritic, almost where the joints would be swollen. With Gritwell, I saw improvements within weeks.”

Heidi V

“I've had digestive issues for a few years now. I got working with Gritwell and I started feeling better probably two months in. Everything that the doctor said that I didn't have, you found. You guys heard me. You guys were different.”

Chrissie S

“The joint pain went away. I can walk outside, instead of just sitting on the couch, and not be in pain. Gritwell was actually trying to get you better instead of sending you away with a new prescription.”

Alyssa G

“My anxiety got worse, and the depression was really starting to come along with that. After Gritwell, the changes were unbelievable. I'm not on that medication that I was on for 20 years. I don't need it. I don't have constant heartburn anymore. My top issues are gone.”

Cathleen M

“I was having extreme mood swings, really bad anxiety, really severe cramps to the point where I was in bed all day long. Now I'm totally feeling like myself again. I have the energy I had when I was younger, and I'm not having any of the health issues that I had before starting the Gritwell process.”

Kelsey K

“I had 20 to 30 different symptoms that no one could explain. After Gritwell, I went from being on three allergy medications to get through a day to taking one Claritin maybe once a week. Everything has been amazing. I've seen a large reduction of my symptoms.”

Amber F

“I saw improvements. I'm just speechless. My weight went down by 80 pounds. It’s amazing how making lifestyle changes and having those supplements helped me improve.”

San Juana C

From a Doctors perspective, our Chief Medical Officer, was fed up with not having the time or tools to truly transform patients' lives.

Hear about Dr. Kubesh's last shift as a doctor in the conventional system… when she realized enough was enough. We need better care.

Together, let’s rewrite your autoimmune journey.

The Comprehensive Program provides long-term care that gets to the root of your symptoms & conditions.
The Comprehensive Program

2x a month 1:1 appointment with a functional medicine health coach

Personalized recommendations

Together, let’s rewrite your autoimmune journey.

Rot Cause Assessment
one time purchase

Root Cause Analysis

Uncover potential root causes of your symptoms with an in-depth data analysis, at-home inflammation blood testing and a 1:1 functional health coach appointment.
Jumpstart Program
6 months

The Care Program

2x Month 1:1’s with your functional medicine health coach to receive personalized guidance on testing, medical grade supplements, nutrition and more.