Through pain comes purpose. Our founder’s health journey.

Our founder dealt with unexplained symptoms for 10+ years undeserved in the health care system & inspired to change the way.

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Chelsea Rowe
Founder Story

1 | symptom onset

I developed so many early warning signs.

I was a college athlete, pushing through worsening issues like skin issues, GI problems, extreme fatigue, recurring UTIs, and debilitating brain fog.

Founder Story

2 | the search for answers

I bounced from doctor to doctor with no answers.

  • I was brushed off and dismissed. I was told all my symptoms were normal or "it’s just because you’re stressed."
  • I did tons of blood work, and even a colonoscopy and endoscopy. It all came back clear and went nowhere.
  • I saw all kinds of specialists: gastroenterologists, gynecologists, neurologists, endocrinologists... but still no answers. 
Founder Story

3 | tipping point

Then everything got much worse.

  • My initial symptoms continued to progress, but then I got a concussion from boxing. That escalated everything.
  • I experienced hair loss, headaches, migraines, and shockingly low immunity.
  • I developed shingles and mumps (which no one gets…) within just a few months, and debilitating chronic pain
Chelsea's Story - 4

4 | lost hope in conventional medicine

After no answers for years, I turned to nutritionists, holistic health coaches, naturopathic doctors. No one was able to help me fully resolve my symptoms. 

Chelsea's Story - 5

5 | struck out with other providers

I spent a small fortune on supplements that didn’t help, and because I never figured out the Root Cause, my symptoms progressed into...

  • Rashes
  • Acne
  • Food Sensitivities
Founder Story

6 | finally found answers

Finally, I met a doctor who was trained in Functional, Root Cause Medicine, who asked the right questions.

After treating my underlying triggers and imbalances, my health transformed.

Founder Story

7 | my life changed

My life looked completely different as a result.

  • I no longer had digestive issues or recurring infections.
  • My acne, brain fog, and fatigue disappeared.
  • I can now enjoy every day to the fullest, without feeling like a stranger in my own skin.
Founder Story

I researched for 10+ years, collating top providers & protocols

It became my mission to make the Root Cause Approach that saved me the standard of care. I researched for a decade, meeting the nation's top Root Cause providers. I started this company to bring that same life-changing care to more people.

Founder Story

Now I’m on a mission to help others. I'd love to offer you a free 20-min consult to discuss your unique health.

We’ll explore what care would be best for you. I'm happy to provide honest, personal answers to all your questions, drawing from my own struggles and eventual recovery. Schedule a call and let's get you on the path to uncovering your root causes and feeling your best again!

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