I resolved my autoimmunity, toxicity, inflammation & hormonal imbalances.
Now it’s your turn.

For 10+ years, I struggled with extreme fatigue, GI issues, skin issues, hair loss & chronic pain, yet was brushed off & thrown pills, causing my symptoms to worsen. It shouldn’t be this way.

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Founder Story


Developed many early warning signs...

I was working long hours, pushing through and trying to be “tough.” However, my symptoms were overwhelming and kept progressing... acne, rashes, bloating, constipation, extreme fatigue, hair loss and brain fog.

Founder Story


Bounced from doctor to doctor with no answers...

  • I was brushed off and dismissed. I was told all my symptoms were normal or it’s just because “you’re stressed.”
  • I did tons of blood work, and even a colonoscopy and endoscopy. It all came back clear despite my pain.
  • I saw every specialist: gastroenterologists, gynecologists, neurologists, endocrinologists... but still no answers.
Founder Story

tipping point

Everything got much worse...

  • My initial symptoms continued to progress, and then I got a concussion which escalated everything. I experienced anxiety, headaches, dizziness and debilitating chronic pain throughout my body.
  • I was reacting to almost all foods, which meant I could only eat a handful of foods without triggering symptoms.
  • I developed severe fatigue and low immunity - getting shingles, mumps, the flu, strep, scarlet fever, pneumonia, bronchitis & more...
Chelsea's Story - 4

lost hope in conventional medicine

Turned to nutritionists, holistic health coaches, naturopathic doctors, but still wasn’t able to fully resolve symptoms. 

Chelsea's Story - 5

struck out with other providers

Spent a small fortune on supplements that didn’t help.

  • Guessing on supplements that I thought my body needed made sense at the time, but it made my journey slower and more painful.
  • As symptoms progressed, I could only tolerate a small number of foods without reacting. I was on a limited diet, trying to do “everything perfectly” and at a complete loss.
Founder Story

finally found answers

Finally, I found a doctor who was trained in Root Cause Medicine, & everything changed.

We did advanced testing to reveal many different root causes...I had high levels of mold toxicity, underlying gut infections, dysbiosis, & malabsorption, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, inflammation, hormone imbalances & more...

Founder Story

my life changed

After one year of treatment, my life looked completely different.

  • I no longer had digestive issues. My acne and rashes cleared, my hair grew back, I was no longer inflamed.
  • My energy levels were high. I was able to eat a much more robust diet and hardly ever got sick.
  • And most importantly, the brain fog and anxiety lifted. I had clarity, purpose and freedom from pain.
Founder Story

Inspiring me to share this incredibly effective care with you.

I researched for a decade, collating the nation's top root cause providers to create the most effective care model. I truly believe in the healing power of root cause medicine and cannot wait to see what it will do for you.

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Founder Story

Now I’m on a mission to help others. I'd love to offer you a free 20-min consult to discuss your unique health.

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